Smartphones are highly functional, making our work quicker, faster, and hassle-free every day. However, the functionality of a smartphone can be enhanced multi folds when they are coupled with some of the best hardware accessories, such as a Bluetooth selfie stick tripod. The accessories we shall be talking about today are the most basic ones that will make smartphone usage much more convenient and more accessible.

Accessories You Need for Your Smartphone

Your smartphone needs some cool and compatible accessories to function better. Let us have a look at essential accessories that you truly need for your phone:

Selfie Sticks

Everyone likes to click selfies. They are one of the most hyped functions of a smartphone recently. Selfies (still or video) are not only meant for recreation. In fact, with the emergence of social media, selfies have become crucial for many people. For example, selfie stick tripods have become very important for vloggers and digital content creators who upload graphical content on the internet.

Choosing a selfie stick can be pretty intimidating. In reality, selfie sticks came into existence a few days after the advent of selfie camera-enabled mobile phones. During that time, there weren’t many variations to choose from. There was only one model of the selfie stick with a remote. However, soon selfie sticks started to feature many more characteristics. The latest one among them is Bluetooth connectivity.

Bluetooth selfie stick tripods are one of the newest addition to the family of selfie sticks. However, you need to consider a few vital factors before buying a Bluetooth selfie stick. These are:

  • The built quality.
  • A Selfie stick tripod with Bluetooth remoteis the best one.
  • The Bluetooth range for theBluetooth selfie sticks should be 10 meters and not less.
  • Best Selfie Stick Tripodsshould be handy, portable, and must fit into a short space - the compact design of the selfie sticks is preferred mainly by bloggers and photographers these days.

Why Should You Buy a Selfie Stick?

One should consider a selfie stick as one of the primary hardware accessories for the phone because:

  • They help in taking the full-length shots.
  • It is possible to click clear selfies without any blurriness that might result from the shakiness of the hand.
  • The image frame will include much more of the background when the shoot is taken with a selfie stick.
  • They are great for group photos.
  • A selfie stick with a tripod stand is a great mobile accessory for vlogging.


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Wireless Earbuds

Wireless earbuds are the most trending mobile accessories in the market right now. Every headphone manufacturing company is rushing to launch its pair of earbuds. If you love listening to podcasts or are an audiobook fan, an earbud is all you need. It is also crucially important for creators of audiovisual content. Earbuds are an absolute necessity for video editors. Not only for listening to your favorite music and enjoying your favorite movie dialogues, but an earbud is also a convenient and necessary accessory in almost every aspect.

Buying the Best Wireless Earbuds

Almost every electronic brand has launched its version of an earbud. It is challenging to compare their functions and features to find out the best one. Here is a small guide on how to choose the best earbuds:

  • The ergonomic design of the Earbuds is a fundamental factor to be considered. If you want to enjoy music for a long time, it must be perfectly designed to complement the human outer ear. Unfortunately, not all earbuds have a comfortable design.
  • The battery life of the earbud should be considerably high. Most earbuds claim to work uninterrupted for 5 hours, but you can expect it to be 20% less than what they claim.
  • It is best to go for an earbud with control pads. However, a fully functional control pad can be expected only in the expensive models. These controls are handy for modulating volume. Some earbuds also have a smartphone application associated with them.

Why Should You Buy Earbuds?

 TWS or Truly Wireless Earbuds are popularly called earbuds. This cable-cutting, truly wireless earbuds have become a staple in the age of comfort-loving users. So let us look at the top reasons you should buy an earbud.

  • Comfort: They are comfortable to use, featuring an ergonomic design that complements the natural design of human ears.
  • Mess-Free: They have no cables and are super handy and portable. Carry them anywhere for the best music experience.
  • Highly Functional: They are sensitive to controls and highly functional. One can control them easily. You can listen even to the most fragile sounds in their actual effects with earbuds.
  • Suitable for Long Hour Usage: Listen to music for long hours without discomfort or pain in the ears.
  • Versatile: Whether you are a traveler or a fitness enthusiast who hits the gym daily, or a video editor, if you love to feel music buzzing in your ears for long hours, TWH is genuinely for you.

WeCool H1 True Wireless earbuds are of premium quality with excellent built quality and a plethora of features. Enjoy the best sound at the most affordable prices with WeCool earbuds.

Mobile Holders For Car & Bike

Your smartphones and cameras' physical security and stability are of utmost importance to ensure their long life and durability. To make sure that your cameras and smartphones are always in a secure place and never fall off, even if your hands are slippery, you need a trustworthy mobile holder for your phone. A mobile holder is one of those accessories that you truly need. It is also called a cell phone stand. It holds your device secure even without involving your hands.

Why Should You Buy Mobile Holders?

Here are 3 top things to keep in mind while buying a Mobile Holder

  • The built quality should be good. Do not go for cheap plastic mobile holders.
  • It should have safety screws to keep your phone highly secure,
  • It must allow you to keep the phone inclined at various angles according to the need.

Why Should You Buy a Mobile Holder?

  • Versatile: It will keep your phone in place while you are driving, playing, using the treadmills, golfing, or cleaning your house
  • Safety: Handling the phone might get risky at times, especially if your hands are full of sweat. Mobile holders keep your phone safe and secure while you are busy with something else.
  • Cleanliness: It keeps your phone clean because you do not have to touch it with your unclean hands. Also, it keeps your workspace clutter-free
  • Productivity: It is impossible for any human being to keep holding their phones straight upright for hours because the hand muscles will get strained. Using a mobile holder can be comfortable and thus improve productivity.

We Cool is an authentic manufacturer of best quality mobile holders. Discover the exclusive range of mobile holders at unbelievable prices at the We Cool official online store. The We Cool G1 Wireless Gimbal is an ideal accessory to hold smartphones and cameras. Ensure your device security while shooting some amazing pictures.

Mobile Accessories - Buying Guide

Everyone wants to buy the best accessories. But often, in the quest of searching for the most stylish accessory, we ignore a lot of crucial features and details of the accessory. So let us have a quick tour of essential facts you should keep in mind while buying any mobile accessory.

  • Authenticity: Be sure about the manufacturer. It is important to choose accessories only from trusted manufacturers. Your smartphone deserves the friendship of only authentic accessories.
  • Compatibility: Check the compatibility of the accessory with your device. It may look cool, but it may not suit your smartphone. Instead, pair the accessory with your smartphone and check its functioning before buying.
  • Functionality: Prioritize functionality and compatibility over appearance. An accessory may look sassy, have the brightest colors, and yet be not up to the mark regarding functions. It is useless to invest in such accessories.
  • Quality: The built quality and durability are inevitable factors to consider. Avoid accessories built of plastic because they don’t live long. Instead, go for the accessories that offer a warranty.

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