If you are a selfie enthusiast, a good selfie stick or a selfie tripod is a very valuable asset. A selfie stick is inevitable for professional photographers and digital content creators. A fully functional selfie stick can click pictures at wider angles, taking full-length shots. You can also click fantastic groupies to preserve memories.

Since the market is flooded with selfie sticks, finding out the best one for yourself can be pretty challenging. Almost every other electronics brand is making mobile selfie sticks. Here is a short tutorial on how to choose the best selfie stick tripod for yourself:

Top Things to Check Before Buying a Perfect Selfie Stick

The Arm Length and Mechanics of Extension

We want to hold the camera farther away from us to have a good subject: background ratio in our frame. The primary task of a selfie stick is to serve that. One of the most crucial features required to accomplish this task is the extensibility of the selfie stick arm. Selfie sticks of outstanding quality usually extend up to10 feet. But in reality, such tremendous extensibility is not needed. Also, the myth of “The Longer, The Better” must be burst. In fact, in real-life shots, one hardly needs an arm extension higher than 4 feet.

 Now, people may ask what is the problem if we get one that extends long. We have the choice to extend it as per need. Don’t we? Yes. Indeed you have. But a more extended arm means problems in portability. At the same time, it can also make the selfie stick heavier and more challenging to carry. It won’t fit into your backpack and would cause mobility issues all the time. Freely extend the arms’ length of We Cool S2 Bluetooth Selfie Stick up to 103 cm and enjoy better shots.

 The extension mechanism is a crucial factor, and selfie sticks usually have a unique mechanism of extension. With some of them, a simple pressure can be enough to open it up, while for others, it will be complicated to extend it. Also, it is always better to go for selfie sticks that have a position locking mechanism. This keeps the gadget safe and makes shots easier. You can click them steadily.

 The arm lock system is vital when handling heavier gadgets. It is integrally associated with the security of your phone. So, do not forget to test the mechanism before investing in any selfie stick. WeCool is the ideal junction for selfie sticks with various arm-length extensibility. The comprehensive collection of WeCool Selfie sticks will allow you to choose the best products at minimal prices.

Connection Mode

With the advancements in technology, most selfie sticks that you find today are Bluetooth selfie sticks. They are Bluetooth compatibility enabled and can work even from a distance. With a Bluetooth selfie stick tripod, you do not have to physically connect the selfie stick with your phone (like we used in the past with wired selfie sticks). All you have to do for these Bluetooth-enabled selfie sticks is turn on the power of the stick and search for compatible devices on your smartphone, just like you do while pairing it with any other Bluetooth device like earbuds. Another version to it is a selfie stick tripod with a Bluetooth remote.

 Primarily, you need to consider one thing while buying Bluetooth selfie sticks. First is the connection range. Always buy Bluetooth selfie sticks that work at least in the range of 10 meters. This shall help you to take shots even from some distance. If the operating range is lesser than 10 meters, it can get complicated. Also, do not forget to check the compatibility and connection of the selfie stick with your device. WeCool S1 Bluetooth selfie stick offers amazing Bluetooth connectivity to 10 meters.

 Not all selfie sticks will get connected to your phone. So make sure to check. The one downside of investing in a Bluetooth selfie stick is that you need to change the battery. In the beginning, the battery life may be optimum, but with time, it starts declining. With the standard selfie sticks that you need to connect to the jack of your phone via an auxiliary cable, this issue does not arise. So there is no need to change battery.

 A Bluetooth selfie stick is a fantastic product to get along with. WeCool is an authentic supplier of premium quality Bluetooth selfie sticks and Bluetooth selfie stick tripods at affordable prices. To avail of great Bluetooth-enabled selfie sticks and selfie sticks with Bluetooth remotes, visit the online store.

Built Material

Mobile Selfie sticks are such handy gadget accessories that you will carry them with you to mountains, seas, business trips, and house parties. The built quality must be fantastic for a gadget with such extended usage. Also, remember that the built quality of the selfie stick will determine the quality of photos that come out and the safety of your gadget.

 Two sections of the selfie stick need particular importance. The first is the body, and the second is the clamp and locking mechanism. The good built quality of the selfie stick body is vital for its proper functioning. Never choose plastic selfie sticks because they will dupe you anytime. Instead, go for the sticks that have stainless steel or aluminum body. These variants come with a longer shelf life and are durable. You can quickly get out in the rain and shoot with these. Also, if you are a travel vlogger, such high-quality cameras are ideal for you. But some of the steel and aluminum variants are unnecessarily heavy. Try to avoid them and instead get along with something sturdy yet lightweight. Stainless steel and Aluminum materials are corrosion and rust-resistant hence can be used for a long time. They are even perfect for underwater shots.

 The clamp is the most crucial segment of the selfie stick. It secures your device on the selfie stick and ensures that you can click amazing shots at all angles without damaging your device. However, it is indispensable for amateurs to ensure that the clamp is perfectly positioned and gives heavy protection. Choose the We Cool S03 Portable Bluetooth Selfie stick with complete 360 degrees rotation for better security of your device.

 Some smartphones are too heavy. So, a good quality clamp is needed to mount such phones. Check the lock screws as well. They should be flexible, handy, and easy to operate. In the case of the stick, there must be a good grip so that even if you bump into something, you can ensure that your mobile selfie stick and the gadget are both in good condition.

Secondary Factors to Consider

Here are some other factors that you must keep in mind while choosing the best selfie stick for your phone:

  • Handle:the selfie stick handle is the important prime part through which you will operate it. So while your gadget is mounted on the stick, it is only the handle you shall get access to. So, make sure the handle has a good grip because that will affect the ease of use. The handle should ideally have a rubber grip padding on it to prevent falloffs and slips.
  • Design: The design of the selfie stick should be user-friendly and ergonomic. The length and weight of the stick should be in proportion so that it does not tumble. The best recommendation here would be to click photos with the selfie stick before buying it ideally. Visual inspection may not be possible to figure out the comfort of usage. Still, with a real-life experience at least once, you can determine whether it will be comfortable for usage.
  • Mount:When buying a selfie stick, it is better to invest in one that has a camera mount. Maybe you are not using a camera right now, but in the future, you may get a Go Pro to mount on it, and indeed it will not be wise to invest in another stick then. Hence, look out for a selfie stick that already has a camera mount.

 If any of these parts if not adequately compatible with your device, they can cause mishaps. Then, your device security may be hampered, and your shots may be blurry.

Why Choose WeCool?

WeCool is the best choice when it comes to reliable selfie sticks. WeCool has an extensive range of products featuring both wired and Bluetooth-enabled selfie sticks. The selfie stick and tripods from WeCool manifest the best-built quality and do not bend easily. They have an improved ergonomic design with grip and efficient clamp locking screws.

 Now shoot as your heart wants, and do not be afraid of the device's security. It surely wouldn’t fall off anywhere because WeCool Selfie Sticks are all set for protection. WeCool offers warranties on their product so that you can trust their product quality.

 Get full-length shots, groupies, and vlog more with the multipurpose and highly functional latest Selfie Sticks from the house of WeCool.


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