Wireless technology has crept into our lives effortlessly. Who doesn’t like a cableless mess-free experience? Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds suit our life style far better than messy wired earphones. People are always proactive in aligning their choices with the latest technology.

TWS or wireless earphones primarily use the Radio Emission Technology to make audio data transfer possible from the source to your ears without a wire connecting the emitter and receiver physically. The transfer of audio waves in wireless Earbuds takes place through any of these three technologies:

  • Bluetooth
  • Infrared Frequency
  • Radio Frequency

Bluetooth Technology

Let us understand the Bluetooth  Technology briefly.

Bluetooth Transmission: In the audio devices that run over Bluetooth transmission, the data from the source (emitter) gets delivered to your ears in radio waves and, most importantly, in a compressed format. The Bluetooth-enabled headphone decodes this compressed data and converts it into a complete expanded audio signal that you can perceive in the form of music or sound. The technology that Bluetooth devices use for decoding is called Bluetooth Codecs.

Bluetooth has been one of the most potentially evolving technologies. It has been there since the birth of mobile phones, and it is there still now. The technology has undergone massive improvisation. The latest version that we are using in most Bluetooth devices, such as Bluetooth Earbuds or Bluetooth Selfie Stick Tripod, is the 5.2 version. The two crucial features of this version are less power consumption and up to 240 m range of connectivity.

Why are Bluetooth Earbuds so Popular?

There is a forever existent wired vs. Wireless debate going on. Tech lovers often find it difficult to choose between the two and have both on their table. Let us explore some of the core reasons why Bluetooth Headphones have taken over wired earphones:

Move Freely

Bluetooth Earbuds come without wires, thus providing the user complete freedom of movement. While jogging or running on treadmills, cooking and cleaning the house, delivering a presentation in the conference room, or listening to music while driving, everything has become possible with Bluetooth earbuds. Wireless technology aims at enabling a panoramic range of movement. With the all-new WeCool Mini TWS Bluetooth earbuds, you can move around freely whenever you want and wherever you want.

You do not have to carry the source of music with you all the time, which is a massive inconvenience in the case of wired earphones. You don’t want to mess up with the cords. Instead, say goodbye to those yanky cables with the Bluetooth Earbuds. The best quality Bluetooth Earbuds from WeCool offer up to 100 ft connectivity from the sound source. This is a wide range helping the user to explore music wherever they want.


Bluetooth-enabled devices are much more handy and portable. Bluetooth technology is used in earbuds and various other devices, such as Bluetooth selfie sticks. Wireless Earbuds have no wires, and they fit into a minimal case that takes up the least space. They are lightweight and easier to carry as well.

 The Earbuds’ lighter weight makes them easier to carry and helps you to conveniently listen to music. Heavy music gadgets like wired headphones or over-the-head earphones are pretty inconvenient. At the same time, wireless Bluetooth Earbuds like We Cool FreeSolo X3 True Wireless Earbuds are excellent for a comfortable music experience.

Compatibility With Other Devices

This is the era of technology and connectivity. Modern tech talks about connectivity and compatibility. In today’s world, almost every gadget you buy is compatible to be connected with a plethora of other devices—for example, a selfie stick tripod with Bluetooth Remote. Similarly, smartphones and Earbuds have evolved in a way that they can be connected to almost anything.

Connect your wireless Bluetooth Earbuds with your laptop, soundbox, mobile phones, tablets, or iPads and listen to music uninterrupted. The jacks (either 3 mm or 3.5 mm) have become dysfunctional in recent days because they make audio transmission constrained and restricted for only a few devices. With Bluetooth Earbuds, you can connect with any audio source and enjoy hours of music. Explore the WeCool Moon Walk M1 True Wireless Earbuds with Intelligent Voice Assistant and give a new dimension to your music journey.

Experience Virtual Reality Better

Gaming has emerged as a completely new world today. Everyone is up for gaming, and it is no longer an entertainment tag, but it has also become an active profession for many. So for gamers, it is imperative to have a proper synchronization of the audiovisuals. For pro-gamers, this synchronization has a crucial role in winning. Experience a premium sound experience with the brand new WeCool Freesolo X3 gaming true wireless earbuds.

 Even if you are not a gamer by profession but love gaming as entertainment, a Bluetooth Earbud can be your ultimate accessory. Listen to the marvelous sound effects of the game and feel the reality of the game with a better audiovisual experience.

Added Features

Bluetooth Earbuds come with plenty of added features. If you are a person who loves new features, wireless technology is for you. From super-sensitive control pads to regulate every aspect of your music listening experience to cases that act as charging boxes, wireless Bluetooth earbuds have become entirely perfect for our modern-day lifestyle.

 There are various other features of such wireless Earbuds. They are easier to control and have special features for experiencing virtual reality interfaces. The change of music mode, speed, and volume are effortless with the Wireless Earbuds.

Sound Quality

One can not deny that the sound quality in trustworthy Bluetooth Earbuds is far better than the sound quality obtained through wired earphones. Bluetooth Earphones can handle audio signals aptly, and you get the best music experience with them. Listen to your favorite podcasts or music with the wireless Bluetooth Earbuds. Now, here there are some crucial things to understand. First, when we listen to audio, it is in the form of files.

 There is a particular file format called the “Lossless file format.” This is the same format that premium music streaming and podcast platforms like Apple Music Stream or Spotify use today. Lossless file formats are the best formats, and most musicians, DJs, and audiophiles are obsessed with this format.

 When you listen to music from a common source that uses other common file formats, such as FLAC, ALAC, or WAV, you can hardly perceive a difference between the sound quality between wired and wireless headphones. But when it comes to such premium lossless file transfer, Bluetooth Earbuds are the best.

Trusted Devices

Trusted Devices is a new term in the tech dictionary. Trusted devices mean a set of devices that you connect and pair with your gadgets (smartphones, tabs, laptops, or other systems) that will keep your phone unlocked when connected with them. Now charge your Earbuds fastest ever with the WeCool H1 True Wireless Earbuds.


If you have added your Wireless Bluetooth Earbud to the list of trusted devices on your smartphone, while you listen to any podcast or music through it, your phone will never get locked. Also, this will work only when the trusted devices are nearby. Most of the Bluetooth Enabled Devices can be considered Trusted Devices. For example, it could be Bluetooth headphones and a Bluetooth selfie stick tripod.

 Wired headphones cannot support this advanced feature because they only physically transmit the audio waves. At the same time, Bluetooth earbuds are broadcasting content in your ears with a complex system of coding and decoding the signals. If you like hanging your headphones around your neck all the time, this trusted devices feature can be of great help to you. It will save time and help you avoid the frustrating experience of unlocking your phone several times.

Why Choose We Cool?

WeCool is an ideal junction for your Bluetooth Earbuds requirements. Explore the wide range of collections and choose the one that best suits your needs. Get your favorite hues and favorite features all in one place.

 WeCool is the hub for classy and functional Bluetooth Earbuds. Each piece is carefully designed to maximize the user-friendliness of the device. Here is why you should choose your favorite Bluetooth Earbuds from WeCool:

  • Ergonomic Design
  • String Connectivity
  • High Bluetooth Range
  • Great Battery Life
  • Appealing Aesthetics and Looks
  • Long shelf-life
  • Handy and Portable
  • Affordable Prices

 Want an Earbud with marvellous battery Backup? Explore the WeCool Moonwalk M1 V2 True Wireless Earbuds. Listen To uninterrupted music for long hours.

 What are you waiting for? Grab your piece today, and flaunt your style with the best music

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