Selfie sticks are designed to make your work easier, smarter, and hassle-free. A best selfie stick stand will help you shoot full-body images and use the front camera for vlogging. Be it group snaps or selfies, now click them all with zero shakiness with an efficient selfie stick tripod.

Mobile selfie sticks  are regarded as a backdated gadget accessory for many, but it is of phenomenal practical use in reality. It is crucially helpful for leisure and professional photography. In recent days, the Bluetooth selfie stick with tripod  has also arrived that connects to your mobile phone via Bluetooth, and you can operate it like other Bluetooth-associated devices.

If you are a true selfie enthusiast and you like to film yourself all the time, a good quality selfie stick with a tripod stand is something you must invest in.

Wecool’s range of selfie sticks with tripod stands is loaded with amazing features.

Top 5 Significant Reasons for Buying Best Selfie Stick with a Tripod Stand

Here are some solid reasons to buy a  best selfie stick with a tripod stand:

Safety for your Phone

This is the most crucial reason to invest in a best selfie stick. Most smartphones are pretty expensive, and you would not want them to fall down and get cracked while clicking selfies. Taking a selfie can be risky for your phone, especially if your hands are slippery or wet. Maybe your arms are just too tired to hold the phone anymore, and in one loose moment, your beloved phone falls off. A selfie stick is one of the best ways to prevent such mishaps and keep your phone safe and sound. The selfie stick design features security mounts to hold the phone in place. The selfie stick mount’s grip will hold your phone (or camera) in place while you can indulge in clicking some fantastic selfies.

Amazing Group Shots

With a selfie stick, you can click your photos without anyone's help. So why ask a stranger for help when you have a fully functional mobile selfie stick for your aid. One can always add more friends to the photos with a selfie stick tripod stand. In reality, the farther away you keep the camera, the more objects can fit into the frame. When we try to click a selfie without using a stick, only the people in the front can adjust to the frame while the others cannot. Not only for group selfies, but a selfie stick with a tripod stand is also a tremendous help for vloggers. They can now capture beautiful frames with more background objects in the frame with the help of selfie sticks with a tripod stand.

Easy and Convenient Capture

If you carry a tripod stand and a selfie stick separately to connect to your smartphone, it will only stress your muscles. Instead, you can invest in a one-stop gadget accessory, a selfie stick with a tripod stand. It will save money, create more space in your luggage and reduce the weight on your shoulders. WeCool’s selfie stick with tripod stand along with Bluetooth remote is stylish and innovative and has dual features. You can connect this selfie stick tripod to their gadget via Bluetooth, enabling you to operate it from a range wirelessly. Secondly, a remote is also included for more precise functioning and accurate control.

Play With Multiple Angles

A selfie stick with a tripod helps you to play with the angles. Fix the phone or camera at the best angles, and then take some fantastic shots. These are quite easy to handle and portable; hence you can place them anywhere and shoot at multiple angles. This is particularly helpful for videography. Also, you can choose the ones that can be extended to great lengths. Shots taken through such selfie sticks turn out to be phenomenally beautiful. It covers a wide-angle and multiple objects in a single frame. For people interested in nature photography, this gadget accessory is handy. You can take it all - the sun glare, the sky horizon, the bushes, and green trees - all of it in one frame, and of course, you being in the center. A selfie stick with a tripod enhances the smartphone camera's usability.

Increases Stability by Reducing Shakiness

Imagine putting all your effort into shooting a video only to end up in a blurry shot. There is probably nothing more heartbreaking than this. Human muscles are prone to exhaustion, and once in a while, your hands will shake. But what if you missed out fantastic moment because of that? So it is high time you take the help of a selfie stick with a tripod. It helps increase the stability of the shot and reduces shakiness. Thus there will be no more blurry shots. Now make your photos and videos sharper and perfect at almost every angle with an efficient selfie stick with a tripod.


WeCool presents a fantastic collection of strong, long-lasting, and robust selfie stick tripods at various price range options. We will now have a quick look at the amazing collection of Bluetooth Selfie stick collection from the house of WeCool:


  • WeCool S2 Bluetooth Selfie Stick: This light, portable, and highly durable selfie stick will easily get connected to your device via Bluetooth. It is convenient to carry anywhere and keeps your device secure and in place while taking shots.
  • WeCool S1 Bluetooth Selfie Stick: The S1 model is best suited for panoramic shots as it can be rotated up to 360 degrees. Take shots from a distance with the 68 cm extendable arm of the stick. It weighs only 113 g and can fit inside your backpack easily.
  • WeCool S03 Portable Bluetooth Selfie Stick: Adjust the length up to 75 cm and enjoy beautiful videography with 360 rotation of the selfie stick. Have better control of your device with the wireless detachable Bluetooth remote that can be operated at a range of 10 meters. It weighs only 125 grams.
  • WeCool G1 Wireless Gimbal: It is excellent for capturing videos or photos. It comes with a 360-degree rotation mode and a Selfie mode. Using it, you can hold your phone in horizontal as well as vertical positions.

Easy Buying Guide for Selfie Stick With Tripod Stand

Here is a Quick and Easy Buying Guide for Best Selfie Stick With Tripod Stand

If you are still struggling to find the best selfie stick with a tripod stand option for yourself, here is a short and easy tutorial. One piece of advice would be: Not all the products have all the aspects perfect. But it is wise to go for the one with most of the features at its best. Some basic things that you must consider while buying a selfie stick with a tripod stand are:


Before buying, always check the maximum length that the selfie stick can attain. Multiple options are available in the market, but not all provide pretty good lengths. It depends on your needs and what length would be acceptable. The smaller ones are relatively easier to handle, but if you are into professional vlogging, it is better to go for the long ones. It will help to cover a wide range of angles while shooting. The most versatile ones can be extended up to 50 inches.

Built Material

The built material makes a huge difference in the performance and quality of the selfie stick with a tripod stand. It is always better to abstain from such stands that use plastic rods or cheap quality fibers for the construction. Stainless steel and good-grade aluminum are the two most widely reliable materials for selfie sticks with tripod stands. They are easy to handle, long-lasting and durable, and provide ample grip, support, and strength for the gadgets.

Bluetooth Range

One crucial consideration when choosing Bluetooth selfie stick tripods is the Bluetooth range. The Bluetooth remote function is a marvelous feature in some selfie stick tripods. With the help of a Bluetooth selfie stick with a remote, you can press the shutter even from a distance. But the crucial fact here is the Bluetooth range. If the Bluetooth connection is not strong and lacks stability, using the selfie stick tripod stand may be a mess. So, it is better to go for those with an operating range of 10 meters and above. Ranges below that usually give plenty of trouble with unstable connections and interruptions.


You ultimately have the selfie stick with a tripod stand to keep your gadget safe and operate it better at various angles and multiple positions. It is crucial to have a robust mount feature in any tripod because that shall enhance the device's functionality. Also, the mount should allow full 180 degrees rotation. Check the rotation head screw before buying a selfie stick with a tripod. If you plan to use it for a camera, the ¼" screw is also a crucial factor. Check with both the horizontal and vertical camera positions to make sure whether the mount is working well with all the positions or not.


Explore the wide variety of collections of Best Selfie Stick with a tripod stand from WeCool. WeCool offers the best tripods with excellent mount features—the Bluetooth Tripods come with efficient remotes for better function control.

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