WeCool B1 Mobile Holder for Bikes

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Mobile Holder for Bike is an innovative solution for mounting your phone on the Handlebar. With just one click you can lock or unlock the phone. One Button Technology. Unlike the other ways which take a long time to mount or which damage your phones. You can Rotate your Phone 360 Degree and maximise your Flexibility and convenience of Viewing the Screen. Tilt the phone to an angle that is clear to your vision. Soft Padded Anti Slip Silicon Gripper ensures your Phone is Fixed without Scratches and will not Fall down. The Mobile Holder is designed to reduce Vibration and prevent Phones from scratching. Mobile Stand is Easy to mount and you can do it Yourself. DIY. No need for any Tool to attach the Mobile holder to the Handlebar. The Mobile mount for the Bike is designed to provide Full Access to your Phone Screen. Adjust the foot Support to ensure that the Power / Volume buttons are not interrupted while holding the phone. Bike Mobile Stand that can hold smartphones with screen sizes from 3.5 Inches to 6.5 Inches. Universal Mobile holder that fits all phones


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