WeCool, with the love and support of more than 1 million customers, have been awarded as Flipkart Gold seller, the trusted brand from Flipkart.

On completing Four years into the industry we came with completely new and unique electronic gadgets. WeCool has seen tremendous growth in 2020, WeCool have has achieved utmost excellence in all key business management disciplines which form the strategic parts of organizational growth and sustainability in the ever changing business environment .

We have always focused on the customer satisfaction and product experience. WeCool promised to deliver Next-Gen sound or bringing products that helps you make smarter choice. All this led to being recognized as Flipkart gold seller, the most promising brand.

WeCool is a perfect example of how a young startup can be a player in competitive vertical in E-Commerce. With a combination of brilliant products, aggressive pricing and effective Social media.

WeCool has made it and still many more to go.

October 28, 2020 — Junjie Li