Freesolo DUOPODS X1 True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds for Rich Bass and Surround Sound

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  • Wireless earbuds for HD stereo sound: the FreeSolo x1 true wireless Bluetooth earbuds with enhanced audio drivers and passive noise-canceling technology.
  • These earphones can deliver the powerful thumping bass and HD stereo effects at highs and crystal clear lows.
  • Wireless earpods with long battery life: latest CSR Bluetooth 5.0 technology provides a solid connection and lower power consumption. Fully charged Bluetooth earbuds.
  • Support you to enjoy 3-4 hours music or call. Comes with a 300mAh portable charging case, just put earbuds into the case, the earphones will automatically charge.
  • Single or dual pairing mode wireless earpod: use these earbuds Bluetooth wireless as single-mode or dual-mode.
  • The automatic pairing technology will enable you to connect one with other automatically after using a single earpod.
  • Ultra light earbuds Bluetooth: ultra light weight, small and powerful design. The WeCool TWS earbuds will give you the most comfortable wearing experience of all true wireless earphones.